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Kansas City Rugby Foundation

Rugby Scholarship
 (Perseverance, Hard Work & Dedication) 

To support and reward those deserving young people who show dedication, perseverance and hard work to themselves, their families, schools, communities and rugby club who do not see a Bachelors Degree in their future.   Danny Farrell who played in the 60’s and 70’s and Andy and Tom Dujakovich who played in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s are examples of the players whose behaviors and lives we are hoping these scholarship recipients will emulate.

Up to $150 per credit hour for at least 3 credit hours per semester including books and fees.   (Paid directly from invoice(s))
Scholarship is for 2 consecutive semesters and may be renewable annually based on school performance and KCRFC performance and participation (both on-field and off-field).

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Plan to attend a KC metro area community college or technical/trade school in 2018.
2. Under the age of 20 on June 1, 2018
3. Graduated HS or received GED in current or previous school calendar year. 
4. Played Rugby for a KC metro area sanctioned club and was CIPP’d in the current or previous calendar year
5. Plan on playing for KCRFC during scholarship period
6. Has a demonstrable need

Award Process:
• Nominations from HS Rugby Coach or Teacher
• Acceptance to metro area community college or trade/technical school
• Successful completion of applicant questionnaire
• Finalists will be interviewed by a panel including a coach of the KCRFC, a member of the KCRFC Executive Team and 3 members of the Kansas City Rugby Foundation Board.

Characteristics of a Successful Applicant

Hard worker – (On-field)
Mouth closed when coach is talking
Leader on the field
Runs between drills, break downs, etc.
Wants the ball
Hard worker – (Off-field)
On time
Participates in all the club functions and fund raisers
Exemplifies good sportsmanship and character off the field
Helps the club get ready for matches, practice, etc.

Trains on off days
Has the gear needed
Makes sure, ensures that mates are there

Student of the game
(you tube videos, favorite team, etc.)
Knows the laws – specifically
Has ideas for fundraisers
Has ideas on improving club
Can recruit players and fans

Wasn’t always a starter
Over came learning disability
Difficult home environment
Overcame injury
Physical toughness
Mental Toughness

Demonstrable need

2018 Timeline

Feb 12, 2018 - Applications available for completion
May 25, 2018 - Applications DEADLINE Submittals Due from players and coaches
June 10, 2018 - Interview Invitations Sent (interviews may be on-site depending number of interviewees from a HS)
By June 30, 2018 - Scholarship Awards Announced


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