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Basic Cipp Instructions

How To Set Up A Rugby Xplorer Member Profile

Video tutorial: 

  1. Go to

  2. Enter in your personal email (not a role-specific email; RX assigns permissions to individual people, it doesn’t require multiple logins for different organizations)

  3. You may see “You don't have a Rugby ID,” not to worry as once you enter more details the system will be able to pair you with your imported profile

  4. Select 'sign me up', and you will be redirected to enter your personal details

  5. MAKE SURE that the region is 'USA Rugby' and not 'Rugby Australia'. 

    1. If you see  “We have found some profiles that might be you!” Please select your profile and continue.

  6. You will be redirected to the Rugby Xplorer profile homepage 


How To Register on Rugby Xplorer for Season 2023-24
Video tutorial: 

  1. Login to your Member Profile

  2. Select Register in the upper left-hand corner

  3. Click on Find A Club

  4. Select the person you are planning to register

  5. Enter and select 'Kansas City Rugby'

  6. Choose your role

  7. View the personal information of the person you are registering (you can edit this information later, this step ensures this is the correct person)

  8. Upload a profile photo (or skip depending on whether this is required by your competition)

  9. Update your emergency contact information and answer any other questions

  10. Review your Registration Summary 

  11. Agree to the Terms and Conditions 

  12. Enter your Payment information to complete your registration

*If you have multiple roles, eg. coach and referee and player, return to the first step and repeat the process with the new role. All personal information will be retained and dues will convert so you will only pay the difference that is required for your new role.

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