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Newsletter #15 - Seymour H.O.F Update

June 15, 2020

Welcome to the KCRFC E-mail Newsletter. Reply to this e-mail with any suggestions or comments and please CLICK on our sponsor link! It helps!

It is with great sadness that we morn the loss of yet another great KCRFC member, Barbara Grimes #8920. There is not much on the Obituary but she was a big part of KCRFC in 90's. RIP Babs.


The following is an “”under the 🌹 rose“” conversation. An Eagle told me that the USA V CANADA match of August 15, 2020 will be postponed. That means the dinner will also be postponed. The calendar suggests the next gathering of USA matches are in the fall. It is hoped the dinner will occur then. This is early information, which USA has not announced as it awaits permission to cancel the three August matches from WRC. Please make your best efforts to not share this information outside the family of club members and supporters. Rich Hartke


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The phrase couldn’t more fittingly apply to the dearth of rugby in our lives these last several months. With the return of Super Rugby to our televisions this weekend and incredingly optimistic information surrounding the pandemic, City’s reunion with the pitch seems less and less abstract with each passing week. Club leadership at all levels is working diligently to prepare for that eventuality, which, fingers crossed, comes sooner than later. We’re hoping to announce a social gathering for everyone in the coming weeks. And we’re monitoring return-to-play guidelines, with the hope of sending a side or three (Old Boys?) to Springfield 10s Aug. 22, should we be allowed. In the meantime, some gratitude is in order. In the last year, the club has experienced incredible growth in every aspect. Our bank account, team culture, club administration, competitiveness and alumni engagement are very healthy. It’s been a truly collective effort driven by an all-star executive committee. A key cog in that machine has been Jason Posey. As treasurer, he’s put us on a path to prosperity, straightened the books, and his administrative contributions have been priceless. Culture changes are hard – they require consistent, conscious, committed effort over time – and few have put in more hard yards than Posey. Upon picking up the whistle in 2018, I noticed one of the club’s glaring deficiencies was toughness, both mental and physical. Posey brought both in spades, to every training, every game, and every board meeting. He was always the first off the line to make a tackle between the lines, as well as tackle administrative challenges off the field. His uncommon commitment and fortitude slowly spread through the ranks. As a result, I’ll put our club’s toughness, resilience and ability up against anyone’s. Posey has taken a position as the Professor of Military Sciences at Mississippi State University, where he will undoubtedly become best friends with the Bulldogs’ new gridiron head coach, Mike Leach, who played collegiate rugby as an undergrad at Brigham Young University. The hole left in our leadership will not be easily filled, and the Kansas City Rugby Football Club owes Jason a tremendous debt of gratitude. Thank you, Jason, for all that you’ve done for KCRFC and all that you will continue to do for the sport of rugby. Hail State!

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